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Frequently asked questions


Epiitalis®, Epijoint’s® proprietary ingredient is harnessed from a plant seed oil, high in fatty acids,. research has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties and cartilage health benefits.

What is the difference between Epijoint® and OSTEO-restore™?

OSTEO-restore™ includes a combination of Epiitalis® and Aquamin™. After additional research and development, we have created Epiijoint®, our new and improved formulation, which removes Aquamin® and includes a higher, more concentrated dose of Epiitalis® - 80mg per capsule in Epijoint® compared to 50mg in Osteo-restore™. 

Epiijoint® comes in flavourless, small soft gel, liquid capsules, for ease of use and consumption.

Is there a cost difference between Epijoint® and Osteo-restore™?

Osteo-restore™ 120 capsules are $45.95 per bottle which breaks down to a cost of $1.15 per day for 150mg of Epiitalis®.

Epijoint® 120 capsules are $63.99 per bottle at Chemist Warehouse which breaks down to a cost of $1.07 per day for 160mg of Epiitalis®.

How many capsules should I take?

2 capsules per day.

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