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Bill + Deb Laird 

"Bill and myself have been taking Epijoint for 3 months and the difference in our joint pain is remarkable - my pain is in my is in my hands and Bills is in his left knee. He has been told he will have to have a knee replacement further down the track, we will continue to take Epijoint on a daily basis and hopefully this will fix or delay that. Once again thank you Epijoint, we highly recommend this product." Read more

Charles El-Hage 

"I have not competed in any running events for over a year as I’ve have had a succession of soft tissue injuries and pain in both knees. I have many issues on the right knee including a tattered ACL, however I decided not to go ahead with surgery and have been on a managed program including daily Epijoint® capsules. Today I competed in a very challenging 10km race and I’m delighted to say I won my age group (60+ male), and apart from soreness, I have pulled up ok.  I’d like to thank you for the Epijoint® capsules - they are palatable, and I feel that they have made a difference to this old boy that keeps running." Read more

Alan King

"This product is Fantastic!! Of all the years wondering if what I was taking did anything, Epijoint has made a noticeable difference, in particular to my knees, fingers and a hip. I would, from experience, recommend it." Read more

Allison O’Neill

"Since taking Epijoint I have noticed a significant decrease with aches and pain generally but also in the area where I fractured my collarbone just over a year ago. I usually experience aches in my knees and wrists and have noticed that I am in a lot less pain and a lot less often!" Read more

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Frequently asked questions

What is Epiitalis®?

Epiitalis®, the proprietary ingredient in Epijoint®, is harnessed from a plant seed oil, comprised of fatty acids. Epiitalis® is globally patented for its anti-inflammatory properties and cartilage health benefits.

How many capsules should I take?

The recommended daily dosage is 2 capsules per day. Up to 4 capsules can be taken if necessary.

Can I take Epijoint® if I am taking other medications?

Talk to your prescribing medical practitioner before taking other medicines.

Is Epijoint® available to purchase in chemists?

Epijoint® is available to purchase on-line and in-store at Chemist Warehouse Australia, or via our Epijoint® online store.

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