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Paul Fairway 

"I’ve noticed a vast improvement in my knee joint mobility and less joint pain since I’ve been taking Epijoint." Read more

Tina Barker 

"My client Scarlett has previously taken Osteo-restore and has recently started taking Epijoint.  She prefers Epijoint over Osteo-restore as they’re easier to swallow, taste better and she felt she had an immediate improvement on some pain points. She is back to full time, high-level training and so far, she has not complained about soreness and felt that when she does a shoulder session she feels she is not as stiff or heavy in the shoulder joint. I am excited to see we will see the results as she gets underway with 5 full days of training camp!" Read more

Andrea Mahon 

"I love Epijoint! As a 54-year-old horse rider with a history of a fractured T12 vertebrae, 3 fractured ankles and chronic bilateral shoulder pain, this product has really helped me keep moving, I am pain free and feel great. I look forward to being able to use this on-going." Read more

Kristy Sparkes 

"I've been so happy with the Epijoint supplement. The difference it makes in my everyday life has been such a relief. I suffer from multiple disc pathologies but also joint pain and inflammation due to auto immune issues and after using Epijoint for under a week I was already getting up feeling so much better. Fantastic product that I won't be without now!!" Read more

Lisa McKenzie 

"Epijoint may be the game changer I have been looking for. Impact was profound, with almost immediate significant improvement in myosteoarthritis and overall joint pain and inflammation. It gave me ease and comfort I haven’t experienced for years and a corresponding big boost to my overall sense of wellbeing." Read more

Sandy Briody 

"Mum has developed a lot of arthritis in her hands over the last 5 years which has reduced her ability to do everyday tasks with her hands. Less than 6 weeks into using the Epijoint, product Mum has noticed a huge reduction in pain and numbness in her hands and thumbs. She has also noticed that there is reduced pain in her hips that translates to not needing to visit the chiropractor as often as before." Read more

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Chris Briody 

"As a 67 years old farmer who was a shearer for 25 years, Dad suffers from ongoing pain and arthritis in multiple joints including hip, shoulder, wrist and knee. Dad used to enjoy playing golf every weekend but about 10 years ago the pain in his wrist made it impossible for him to keep playing. Dad started using Epijoint after trying a lot of different commonly recommended remedies and with little to no success. Less than 6 weeks into using the Epijoint product there is a reduction in pain in all his affected joints and range of movement is improving. Dad is even considering playing golf again in the near future." Read more

Bill + Deb Laird 

"Bill and myself have been taking Epijoint for 3 months and the difference in our joint pain is remarkable - my pain is in my is in my hands and Bills is in his left knee. He has been told he will have to have a knee replacement further down the track, we will continue to take Epijoint on a daily basis and hopefully this will fix or delay that. Once again thank you Epijoint, we highly recommend this product." Read more

Charles El-Hage 

"I have not competed in any running events for over a year as I’ve have had a succession of soft tissue injuries and pain in both knees. I have many issues on the right knee including a tattered ACL, however I decided not to go ahead with surgery and have been on a managed program including daily Epijoint® capsules. Today I competed in a very challenging 10km race and I’m delighted to say I won my age group (60+ male), and apart from soreness, I have pulled up ok.  I’d like to thank you for the Epijoint® capsules - they are palatable, and I feel that they have made a difference to this old boy that keeps running." Read more

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Frequently asked questions

What is Epiitalis®?

Epiitalis®, the proprietary ingredient in Epijoint®, is harnessed from a plant seed oil, comprised of fatty acids. Epiitalis® is globally patented for its anti-inflammatory properties and cartilage health benefits.

What is the difference between Epijoint® and OSTEO-restore™?

OSTEO-restore™ includes a combination of Epiitalis® and Aquamin™. After additional research and development, we have created Epijoint®, our new and improved formulation, which removes Aquamin™ and includes a higher, more concentrated dose of Epiitalis® - 80mg per capsule in Epijoint® compared to 50mg in OSTEO-restore™ capsules. 

Epijoint® comes in flavourless, small soft gel, liquid capsules, for ease of use and consumption.

Epijoint® is conveniently available for purchase at Chemist Warehouse.

Is there a cost difference between Epijoint® and Osteo-restore™?

Epijoint® 120 capsules are $64.99 per bottle at Chemist Warehouse which breaks down to a cost of $1.07 per day for 160mg of Epiitalis®.

OSTEO-restore™ 120 capsules are $45.95 per bottle which breaks down to a cost of $1.15 per day for 150mg of Epiitalis®.

When Epijoint® is purchased from a Chemist Warehouse store, postage costs are also avoided.

How many capsules should I take?

The recommended daily dosage is 2 capsules per day. Up to 4 capsules can be taken if necessary.

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